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I run a very simple site here nothing fancy about it each day i post my daily games here and at Bestsportspickstoday there you can get my daily FREE pick. But here you can join under a WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION now if you are one of those players that need to hear some guy tell you he has the game of the week then you need to go elsewhere. Am not one of those guys i run a homemade system for picking NBA,NHL,MLB,NFL Winning handicappers don"t give out alot of games they find games where they have the advantage so if some handicapper calls you and tells you he has inside information (i have some waterfront property to sell you in death valley) so don"t believe the bullshit. Now about my service i try to post my picks the nite before also i do not give out alot of picks only games where we have the edge. So some days we may only have one game and other days up to 4 so come give my service a try for one week and if you don"t like just cancel..

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